List of Software and Providers which can be used to run Waterski competitions.

Scoring Software (E.Lion)


WSTIMS For Windows

Homolgation (Survey) Software (E.Lion)

SplashEye Software

  • Video Jump Measurement
  • Video Trick Timing
  • Slalom Gate & End-Course Monitoring


  • New generation of Trick Judging

Boat Path Monitoring System (BPMS)

✔ Design new courses on a built-in map

✔ Place buoys in the water accurately to the centimeter

✔ Homologate (measure and certify) courses to tournament standards

✔ Track boat path while pulling a skier, see a graph with official scoring, and replay the run

✔ Steer the boat accurately

✔ RTK GPS data is transmitted wirelessly by WiFi radio and on-the-boat access point (no cellular needed)

✔ Runs on any Windows® 7+ system


Corson Tools

Boettcher Waterski